Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT)

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Projected Capacitive Technology (PCT)

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Capacitive sensing in touch screens has been around since the 1970’s, but with the recent explosion in popularity of the smart phone, projected capacitive sensors (PCAP) have come to the forefront of touch screen technology.

PCT technology is a capacitive technology which permits more accurate and flexible operation, projection of the touch field through additional layers of material plus offers full multi-touch capability.

As with any complex technology there are advantages and disadvantages and not all PCT sensors act the same, not all are right for all applications and not all makers of this technology are right for you.

Heavy scrutiny in areas like development, technical and driver support, customization and supply chain are mandatory,


  • Functional through multiple layers
  • Works outdoors
  • True flat front surface design possible
  • Long life reliability
  • Durable and easily customizable front surfaces
  • Excellent Optical Properties
  • True Multi-Touch capable
  • Easy Integration
  • Drift free Operation


  • Best activated with a bare finger
  • Doesn’t work well with heavy gloves
  • Proper application required, susceptible to false signals from outside influences
  • Possible interference from conductive smudges
  • Higher Cost

4.3″ – 32″ Sizes

Black masked and rounded corners cover lens:

Great for rapid prototyping or full production

Readily available for same day shipping

Customization Services:

  • Custom Covers Lens; Chemically Strengthened; Thicknesses, Radiuses, Holes, Materials
  • Firmware tuning for glove operation, water functionality
  • USB, I2C, SPI Controller on Touch Tail Options
  • Surface treatments for glare, reflection, abrasion, fingerprints