Case Study: Increasing Effectiveness of Outdoor Readable Displays


Display Logic met the requirements for customer Transit Company, a leading manufacturer of IT solutions used in Public Transportation.


Transit Company needed an outdoor readable sealed display that could be relied upon in bus/train stations to operate 24 hrs./7 days per week in all-weather environments. It needed to have field updateable firmware, a DC source and handle Direct Sunlight Loading.


Display Logic selected an LCD within the customers desired size range and replaced the backlight system in the LCD module to achieve readability in high ambient light conditions. Display Logic designed interface electronics and a fully sealed IP67 enclosure to ensure reliability. We also integrated a glass window incorporating Infrared Blocking and UV blocking films, and double laminated 6mm glass for vandal resistance.

An Effective Partnership:

Display Logic’s prior experience and expertise in LCD integration projects provided the background needed. In house engineering, effective sourcing, and the ability to guide the customer through the process resulted in successful prototyping and final design approval


One hundred units have been successfully deployed in multiple bus stations throughout a southern city’s transit system. Additional rollouts planned for one hundred more unit through 2025.

Key Takeaway:

Selection of an effective LCD integration partner is key to customer success. Display Logic has experience in projects like yours and the expertise needed to partner with you.

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