Display Logic at Display Week 2014 in San Diego

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Display Logic at Display Week 2014 in San Diego

Display Logic at Display Week 2014 in San Diego

Jun 5, 2014 | News | 0 comments

Display Week 2014 just wrapped in San Diego. General consensus from exhibitors and attendees was this years SID exhibition was one of the most productive and rewarding. The location was fantastic and the show floor stocked with great companies of all sizes with their latest technologies. Attendees were treated to cutting edge, differentiating technologies and solutions and that’s where Display Logic stood out in the value added supplier crowd.

As an LCD Enhancement and Interfacing company, Display Logic was busy with a constant flow of attendee traffic and interest around our xTremeLCD family of high brightness LCD’s and our LCDBaseT unique interfacing solutions that enable full power, display and computing functionality over a single Ethernet cable and up to 300 feet from a source.

At the booth we highlighted 1500-2000 nit 7″ – 32″ super low power High Bright xTremeLCD modules, each running LCDBaseT connectivity. There wasn’t a single video or power cable to be seen!

Making a less than 1W per LCD diagonal inch backlight power statement for our xTremeLCD modules, plenty of exhibitors and attendees challenged us by handling our modules; we are happy to report not a single burnt finger was reported !

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