12.1″ Wide Format LCD’s are emerging as a standard for OEM customer applications, many in outdoor or high ambient light environments.

Display Logic is pleased to announce a new super efficient 12.1″ wide format High Bright module based on a Tianma-NLT LCD Module.

The Display Logic LM-121WX-XLN 12.1″ WXGA module offers Tianma-NLT’s SFT Wide Viewing cone technology and their ColorXCell color enhancement technology. It has a symmetrical 176/176 viewing cone, 1000:1 contrast, wide operating temperature range and 1280 x 800 resolution. Out of the box it is 450 nits bright with backlights that draw 4.8 watts.

Display Logic offers the following brightness/power packages:

– 1200 nits 4.8 watts (YES, same as factory brightness!)

– 1700 nits 8.9 watts

– 2100 nits 11.5 watts

… and 100K hours backlight life

As with every high bright LCD module we offer, Display Logic offers robust LED driver options with up to 3000:1 PWM dimming !

Is power your concern versus brightness? Display Logic can maintain factory brightness of 450 nits while reducing backlight power to just 1.8 watts!

– Optical bond (or tape attach) one of our standard PCAP touch sensors systems

– Communicate to the display through one of our unique interfacing solutions

…… and you truly differentiate your product in the market!

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LM-121WX-XLN 12.1″ WXGA Hgh Bright Module

LD2-050M-S LED Driver

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