Display Logic continues to build relevant high bright LCD solutions based on the Sharp LCD Roadmap and has recently developed two new solutions


5.7″ QVGA – 900 nits

Based on Sharps LQ057Q3DC03 5.7″ QVGA LCD, the Display Logic solution increases brightness to 900 nits and just 2.5 watts of BLU power. By using the integrated factory LED driver, the result is a simple, easy to integrate and cost effective solution for many industrial applications. Key performance highlights include:

  • 900 nits brightness
  • Low power backlight generates minimal additional heat
  • -30 to 80c wide temperature operating
  • Robust industrial mechanical design; great for rugged harsh environments


15″ XGA ASV Wide Viewing – 1100 nits

Based on Sharps LQ150X1LX95 15″ XGA wide viewing cone LCD, the Display Logic solution increases brightness to 1100 nits. Combined with super high contrast, this solution is a cost effective true wide view cone, outdoor viewable 15″ product. Key performance highlights of this solution include:

  • 1100 nits brightness
  • 50,000 hours BLU life
  • 16 watts backlight power
  • 1500:1 Contrast Ratio
  • 170/170 symetrical ASV viewing cone technology
  • -20 to 70c wide operating temperature use
  • Field Replaceable LED backlight rail


For more information about these and many other Sharp based LCD solutions,

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